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    Welcome to www.tokobersama.net

    We are an Indonesian handicraft manufacturer and exporter,  with competitive price and timely delivery. Suply high quality of many kinds of miniature music instruments like miniature guitar,drum set,piano,biola etc. We have manufacture of miniature music instrument for 6 years.we can made custom model with sugestion for miniature guitar or the detail customer need.
    If you interst with many products in our site please contact us to get information about price,models,etc

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    We are dedicated to Produce and Export the Best Quality of indonesia
    Handicrafts & Holiday Gifts in First-hand Prices Directly to our Customers.

    * Handicraft from genuine mahogany wood by talented craftsmen with a passion for music and have to busines intelegent.
    * Measures approximately 9 inches tall and proportional design.
    * Incredibly detailed craftsmanship like a real of equepment music.
    * Color airbrush with paint good quality.
    * Beautiful decoration and Unique.
    * Does not play music, purely for ornamental decoration.
    * Electric miniature guitar same with the real playing music actress with many aplication.

    Exclusive Miniature Guitar Box

    Mini Guitar Case

    Special Miniature Guitar Case

    Special Miniature Guitar Case B

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